Wait... You Paint on Paper?

Hahaha, yes. But not just any ol’ run of the mill paper!deb with sun

Magical watercolor paper!! 😉

Watercolor paper actually is special!

It’s made and prepared specifically for holding watercolor paints.

It is thicker and more absorbent than regular paper, but it also has a special coating so that the water doesn’t soak in too quickly and unevenly.

It’s also acid-free, which is a must for preserving the art.

Just like with paints, there is professional grade and student grade paper.

Professional grade paper is made of 100% cotton and is hand-made or mold-made.

Student grade is a mix of cotton and wood-pulp and is machine-made, which makes it not as absorbent, not as durable, and not as nice for the application of paint, but great for practice and sketches!

Watercolor paper usually comes in 3 surfaces.

  • Hot press, which means it is very smooth, • Cold press, which is a more textured surface and is the most popular, and • Rough, which is even more textured than the Cold press surface.

Each surface has its pluses and minuses and uses it’s best for, but usually the artist has a favorite. Mine is Cold press, I like some texture, but not too much!

There are also different weights, or thicknesses, to watercolor paper.

The three main weights are 90lb, 140lb, and 300lb. 90lb being the thinnest and 140lb being the most common.

In the end though, you paint on whatever you want.

There are primers to prepare other surfaces for watercolor paints, some people paint on linen or papyrus, and many other surfaces.

The only thing that needs to be considered is the longevity of the art in the end.

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From my soul to yours! xxoo, Deb.