Honest Talk! On Artists and Inspiration

Honest talk here! I've been having a damn hard time finding my mojo since coming home from my Portugal trip.
I always have a period of blah when returning from a trip and I really was expecting it and prepared for it, but this time it has lasted much longer than normal, and it is scaring the hell out of me!
I think because it coincided with normal January blahs and also the bummer of dealing with Covid restrictions while traveling, my period of blah lasted way longer than normal... actually I'm still not fully back to normal. I'm really trying not to panic and to just flow with it and use the time to do some heavy contemplation and planning for the year. In that way, it's actually been really productive time, I just wish I could find my usual joy and enthusiasm... and inspiration to do some damn painting, lol.
Trying to think rationally about it, I think most artists occasionally lose inspiration. We have dry spells and times where we feel bored of our style or get a little imposter syndrome and it sends us in a downward spiral of feeling uninspired.
I also think most artists feel that they have to fight like hell to get their inspiration back.
I definitely used to feel that way. I’d panic and my brain would tell me I’ll never make good art again, lol, and I’d force myself to continue to create and everything would look like crap and I’d feel even worse, and the cycle would continue or I’d just fall into a nasty depression.
I’ve come to understand over the years that feeling uninspired is fairly natural and that instead of fighting it, it is better to lean into it. Allow myself the time to not feel inspired without guilt and instead use the time to explore other things.
Maybe it’s a time to explore in the kitchen, cook some meals I wouldn’t normally cook. Or maybe focus on exercise, get back into a routine or lose the few pounds I put on. Maybe, if the weather is good, it’s a good time to do some hiking or other outdoor stuff. Or maybe, it’s just a good time to catch up on the novels you haven’t had time to read.
Honestly, for me it varies day to day, lol. I do like to venture out to go on long drives and have big conversations with my husband about nothing important (this is actually one of my favorite things to do at anytime!)
This time I seem to be obsessed with researching marketing stuff, hahaha... I'm elbow deep in how to do better on youtube (even though I haven't put up a video in ages) how to make my Instagram work better for me (I'd really like to master this one) and brainstorming putting a Patreon account together (something I've been wanting to do forever). 
I haven't put any of this into practice yet, lol, but when I'm finally feeling better, I'll be all set! :D
The biggest thing that keeps me sane during these times though, is that I know that I will feel better again soon. Sometimes a day, sometimes a few days, sometimes longer, but I always get my mojo back. I think it actually comes back faster now that I’ve learned to just flow with it and not feel guilty or like a fraud for not creating.
Now to just convince myself that this "dry spell" is longer than normal, but still temporary, and I will be back to my normal happy, inspired self soon!
Anyhoo, thanks for reading my rant, lol, it really does help to just talk about it!
With Joy and Inspiration. xxoo, Deb.