Honest Talk! on Living Fearlessly

deb with sun

Living fearlessly doesn’t mean doing everything without being afraid, or even just doing everything. It means pushing your own boundaries and going outside of your own comfort zone. Stretching yourself, knowing that you’ll be uncomfortable, knowing that you’ll feel anxious, knowing that it’ll be hard, but wanting it enough to do it anyway.

Each person’s comfort zone is different. Each person has different wants and desires and goals. Just because one person wants to jump out of a plane doesn’t mean that you’re not brave because you don’t want to. Maybe your brave is knocking on your neighbor’s door to borrow an extension cord or deciding to apply to a new job or quitting your job to follow your dream.

The point is, living fearlessly just allows us to live our best lives, do the things we really want to do, be the person we really want to be.

My life motto is Live Fearlessly! I have another life motto, which is Life is More Fun Just Outside Your Comfort Zone, lol, but that’s for another blog post, this one is more about living authentically rather than having fun, although those two things do tend to overlap.

Do you think Living Fearlessly is a worthy goal?

Also, if you have a story to tell about living fearlessly, I’d love to hear it.

From my soul to yours! xxoo, Deb.